The Story of the Fairy Shoemaker – or How I Found My Favourite Pair of Shoes

I am the kind of girl that falls in the cliche of shoe addict. I love shoes because they make the best out of one rather unattractive looking part of the body while also defining my style! Although I do love all kinds of shoes, I would say I do have a preference for shoes a bit out of ordinary – quirky design, different make, unusual shapes. And especially in the last years I have been favoring comfortable shoes, as kids and stilettos don’t really mix in my life. But I avoid the typical pair of sneakers and look for compromises between style and comfort.

Well I can say my search is over as I recently discovered Fairy Steps. Handmade shoes with a touch of fairy magic in happy colors – I was smitten at first sight. I asked their maker to have a chat with me and explain how such a wonderful idea has occurred to her. Here is the result. Enjoy her story and her work!

Handmade Leather Shoes with a Touch of Fairy Magic

Handmade Leather Shoes with a Touch of Fairy Magic

Please tell me a bit about yourself, like where you are from and how you started making shoes.

My name is Ren and I live on the edge of a 1000 acre wood in the heart of Devon. I was born and bred here and come from a long line of country folk who have crafted and worked with their hands. Including Tin miners who worked the deep mines up on the Moor. This land and maybe a bit of its mysticism is in my bones I think!


I saw my first shoemaker at a local craft fair at the age of 12. I was smitten! The colours, the shapes, the scent, the fact that this Woman stood in front of me made her living making such beautiful creations. A little seed was sown.


Could you tell me something about the inspiration behind your shoes – how did you come up with the idea of Fairy inspired shapes?

Well, it all happened on Midsummers Eve. Honestly! I had a bit of a light bulb moment, that where on earth could you buy decent, durable fairy style shoes? I had a little online search and found nothing there. There was no Fairy Shoemaker. There is now!

How do you pick colors and designs for your collection?

I design shoes and accessories in my sleep, or just as I am going to sleep!


I read on your website that you made shoes for television and theater. What is the event you are most proud of?

My proudest creations are the ones I make for every single customer I have!

Each and every one is as important as the next to me. I did rather like making fairy shoes for a Welsh children series though! I can imagine how excited they were wearing them!

What is your favourite Fairy Steps creation so far?

Oh, my! How can I choose? I like making all of them!


Do you have a favourite artist or designer? 

I am inspired by the past, but to be honest my favourite designer is Nature herself. I constantly refer to her for shapes and colours!


To find more about Fairy Steps, follow this link:



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